Cooking classes at Babur

Even the most clearly written and thoroughly photographed recipes can be hard to follow and produce a successful dish if it’s a cuisine you’ve never really cooked before.

This is particularly true of Indian cooking with its many different ways of using a very wide range of spices and seasonings. There are so many cues that tell you when to move on to the next stage of a recipe – changes in colour, texture or a fragrant aroma.

So how good would it be to be introduced to Indian cooking methods by a master and teacher, like chef Kuldeep Singh? And as a private lesson for you and your friends or colleagues?

Now we are offering cooking classes at Babur for our customers. Our classes are fully hands-on and everyone has their own workstation. The goal is to give you the confidence and skills to cook authentic Indian food at home. And to have fun while doing it.

There will be a structured series of classes, starting with the Foundation class, which is an introduction to Indian spices. The second class will introduce more cooking methods and, in time, we’ll introduce further advanced classes.

Classes are for a minimum of six students and a maximum of 12. We’ll send you home with the food you’ve cooked, all packed up nicely in one of our Babur boxes, along with your Babur Cooking with Class apron. We can also supply you with a box of all the best quality spices you’ll need to recreate the recipes at home that you’ve learned in class.


Foundation class – An Introduction to Indian Spices 

The many ways to use the range of Indian spices and seasonings is the foundation of Indian cooking. This class will last between 2 ½ to 3 hours, with a fee of £100 + VAT per person and includes:

Introduction to Indian spices and garam masala

Cooking a Hyderabadi chicken

Preparing fragrant pilau rice

Making Udupi potatoes

Techniques class: Butter chicken

Learning how to make tikka and sauces sets you on your way to a deeper understanding of how Indian cooking is created. This class will last three hours, with a fee of £115 + VAT per person and includes:

A demonstration of chicken tikka, from marination to cooking

Cooking Butter Chicken sauce

Cooking Mushroom makkai palak (mushroom, corn, spinach)

Cooking Channa aloo masala (chick peas and potato)

Please call 020 8291 2400 to book your class.