The Year of Saving the Indian Tiger - Babur Restaurant

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The Year of Saving the Indian Tiger

Save the Tiger

2014 – 2015

We spent a very rewarding year working with ZSL The London Zoo in their effort to create a breeding corridor across the Himalayas to prevent tiger populations from becoming isolated and – ultimately – extinct. We focused on the Chitwan-Parsa Reserve in Nepal and the ZSL project there to create year-round watering holes and observation platforms. 

During the year we created menus from regions of the subcontinent with tiger reserves: Nepal, Assam and Madhya Pradesh in India and the Sunderabans in Bangladesh.  In the process, we learned new techniques and flavour combinations by following the trail of tiger conservation. We made ‘Save the Indian tiger’ t-shirts for our waiters and for sale to the public. We asked our kind guests for a £1 voluntary contribution from each table, which we matched and together we raised £15,630.00 to fund the efforts of ZSL The London Zoo.