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De-congestion Bonus

Offer Code: DECON0806

While Central London has a Congestion Charge, here at Babur we prefer to use a carrot rather than a stick, so we offer a De-Congestion Bonus for early dining.

Terms & conditions

This offer is valid for a maximum party of four persons and is valid until 10 December 2023.

This offer is not valid for lunch and may not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

To claim the Decongestion Bonus please make a booking referring to the Offer Code (above) as this offer can not be claimed in the restaurant without a confirmed booking.
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Regard Card

We like to reward our customers

The Babur Regard Card is a tangible expression of our regard for you. With it, you will receive a credit of 5% of your total spend towards future dining with us.

Ask for your Babur Regard Card the next time you visit us.