Brewer’s Dinner

We’ve finally done something that was long overdue and now that we’ve seen and tasted how well it’s worked, we’re doubly disappointed we didn’t do this sooner. That would be making beer matches to our menu. We first thought we should do this when we started listing beers from the Brockley and Brixton breweries. At the time, we did some ad hoc tastings at the breweries with a few of our dishes to choose the best local beers for our food. But the tasting was a revelation to all involved, including brewers from the Brockley Brewery and the Brixton Brewery.


Please join us and the brewers from the Brockley and Brixton Breweries on Wednesday 8 February for a five-course menu matched with their beers. As with the winemakers’ dinners we’ve held in the past, the brewers will talk about their beers and the matches for each course. We hope you’ll enjoy this menu as much as we enjoyed discovering and tasting these matches.


Please book in advance – seats are limited. Please arrive by 7:30 pm.