35 Years of Indian Cuisine

Our food, wine and cocktail menus have been a work in progress since 1985 – there’s always more to discover in India’s traditional cooking, how it’s developing now, what wines work well with Indian flavours and how to use those flavours in modern mixology.

We’ve often been surprised and delighted that reviews from the guides, in newspapers and online have noticed what we’re doing.

Check our news and events for upcoming festivals and special celebrations and do look out for offers for early and late dining, midweek offers and our Regard Card.

You might also want to take a look at our gallery to see views of the restaurant, the food and drink we serve and the art we’ve commissioned.

Events at Babur

Food events at Babur give us the chance to put a spotlight on distinct Indian cuisines that aren’t a part of our A la carte.

We celebrated the Emperor Babur’s 525th birthday with a festival of Afghani cooking and raised funds to replant fruit orchards in Afghanistan.

Guests still talk about our 250th Burns Night, a fundraiser for the Gurkha Welfare Trust.

And, in 2014, we ran a year-long fundraiser in association with The Zoological Society of London’s tiger conservation project in Nepal. We were surprised ourselves at the traditional dishes of Nepal, Assam, Bengal and Madhya Pradesh.

Check our Events page for past, present and upcomings at Babur.

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Wine & Indian Food

Rules like matching white wine with seafood and chicken, red wine with meat really don’t apply to Indian food. Rather than matching the main protein, wine matches have to be made to the spices and other ingredients in a dish. To prove the point, one of our current best matches is tandoori lamb chops with Riesling.

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Unique Artwork & Artists

Art enhances our enjoyment of dining. Each piece of art we’ve commissioned tells a story and those stories, told by artists working in different media, create a stimulating yet soothing ambiance. All the artworks at Babur were commissioned and – like our menus – they paint a broad picture. We have also mixed in a few Indian antiques and artefacts.

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See our Image Gallery

This is where you can find pictures of our current food and drink menus, interior shots of the restaurant, our artworks and past events.

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Want to Join Our Tasting Group?

The last step for us in launching new menu items, after the discussing, research and tasting among ourselves, is to put these items in front of our Tasting Group, made of customers who are really interested in our food. Together we spend an afternoon, tasting, talking and making notes.

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