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It all started in spring of 2010 with the Currytini and ever since we’ve been marinating, making bitters, barrel-ageing, deconstructing and generally experimenting with fruit, spice and other flavour combinations to put an interesting spin on classic cocktails. We’ve now gathered up the best of these, along with our favourite sparklers, straight classics as well as some aromatics and bitters.


Portrait Series

Just as painters fall in love with colours, sensing tonal gradations, moods, emotions and meaning in the colours on their palette, mixologists detect nuances of other flavours on their palate in the spirits they use. Once aware of them, these trace flavours and aromas are unmistakeable. This is what we are exploring in this collection of cocktails concentrating on pure spirits, highlighting their subtle characteristics with tiny amounts of other spirits and essences. These are portraits of some of our favourite spirits.

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