More art for our collection

When you visit us during our anniversary you’ll notice a major new addition to our local landscape.

Since our 28th anniversary, when local resident Matthew McGuinness (see his work here) did a stunning window design in white vinyl, we’ve been talking about him doing a mural on the long wall adjacent to the restaurant.

Spurred on by the Brockley Street Art Festival (Matthew was a force involved with this event), we’ve commissioned him to paint a mural on the wall.

Matthew is an ex-pat New Yorker from Brooklyn and he started Gourmandizing London ( along with fellow New Yorker Jason Page.

The mural is in keeping with the ethos of Gourmandizing London, incorporating elements of graphic design along with the story of food – how we grow it, get it, cook it and share it.

Stay tuned for more news on the mural…

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