Thanks to all those who attended

We’ve been spoiled.

The members of the Babur Tasting Group consistently provide us with keen observations on proposed menu items placed in front of them.

And the tasting session for our East African Indian menu was no exception. Together, we tried over a dozen dishes in a sesson lasting about four hours. There were some runaway favourites, notably the Kenyan lamb spare ribs and the Ethiopian chicken.

It’s when it comes to the dishes that want just a little tinkering to bring them from crowd-dividers to crowd-pleasers that this group came into their own.

Thank you to everyone who was part of this group.

How does it work?

At each tasting session we go through all the proposed dishes for an upcoming menu and we usually try out twice as many dishes as we’re planning on using. We do this so that we can find the dishes you’ll like best.

After taking pictures of each dish (an aide-mémoir), we’ll take notes on how the dish looks, talk about other ideas and take note of possible improvements. This is usally pretty clear. It’s when we start tasting that we realise the same thing can taste so different to different people.

And this is where the Tasting Group really comes through for us, helping to find consensus on the best version of each dish we try.


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