Burns Night 260th Anniversary

On the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns’ birth, we celebrated the occasion in some style with an original Nepalese recipe for ‘haggis’ made in very much a similar way to it’s Scottish cousin, but with the addition of ginger, garlic and Nepalese spices.  We are reviving that recipe on this occasion for the first time in 10 years.  In keeping with our 250th celebration, on this occasion we are also offering a Nepalese version of broth and steamed dumplings.


Our mixological tribute to the poet fashioned from some of his favourite ingredients:

Auld Lang Syne (8.25)

 Arran Robert Burns blended whisky, Drambuie, homemade ginger-heather honey-lemon shrub, hops bitter, egg white, lemon juice

Flight of whiskies

You may wish to toast the poet on the occasion of his 260th birthday, customarily made with a single malt. You may wish to do so once, or severally. Whisky is also a drink of choice to accompany the haggis.

We’ve arranged our single malts in order of increasing strength of character.

Dalwhinnie – pears, syrup sponge, cinnamon

Singleton – toasted hazelnut, dates, espresso

Amrut – spice, fruit, honey

Glenmorangie – lemon sherbet, apricots, banana bread

Glenfiddich – butterscotch, cream, oak

Talisker – dried fruit, smoke, pepper

Laphroaig – smoke, seaweed, sweetness

A flight of three whiskies of your own choosing (25ml each)


Food Selection

Momo and shorba 

Nepalese steamed lamb dumplings with lamb bone broth

Nepalese ‘haggis’

Lamb’s pluck, barley, onion, ginger, garlic, chillies and Nepalese spices, steamed in a sheep’s stomach

Small – 7.95 each     Large – 15.95 each

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