Classic Indian cooking

For our 31st Baburthday we’re presenting a menu inspired by traditional Indian classic dishes. Some of these dishes, such as the Afghani chicken tikka, are virtually unchanged since the 16th century when the Emperor Babur would have eaten them.

Others, like the Hiran (venison) ki boti, are no longer prepared in India as it is illegal there to hunt game. Others still, like Parsee lamb rack, are adapted from traditional preparations. And all of them are meant to be shared and enjoyed.

Anniversary Sampling Menu

Choose any four savoury items from our Anniversary menu. Sea bass recheado and Parsee lamb rack can be ordered as alternatives but are to be shared between two. Our chef’s recommendation:

1st Course

Raj kachori chaat (V)
Mini-dumplings, mango, pomegranate, chickpeas, sweet and sour yoghurt
Matched wine: Riesling, Alex Pauly ‘Generations’, 2014, Lieser, Mosel, Germany

2nd Course

South Indian spiced prawns
Curry leaves, mustard seed, masala puffed rice
Matched wine: A Mano Fiano 2015, Puglia, Italy

3rd Course

Methi chicken, methi paratha
Chicken roulade, fresh fenugreek, whole coriander seeds
Matched wine: Plantagenet Great Southern Chardonnay 2013, Australia

4th Course

Coastal mutton masala, rice
Cassia, mustard, coconut, curry leaf
Matched wine: Malbec, Dona Paula Estate, 2014, Mendoza, Argentina

5th Course

Caramelised saffron rice pudding
Matched wine: Orange Muscat Essencia, 2012, Andrew Quady, California

Prices (per person)

Four courses 31.00 with matching wine 46.75

Five courses 35.00 with matching wine 54.50

Wines will be served in 100 ml glasses. Dessert wine in 50 ml glass

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