Drinks to make any meal an occasion

It all started in spring of 2010 with the Currytini and ever since we’ve been marinating, making bitters, barrel-ageing, deconstructing and generally experimenting with fruit, spice and other flavour combinations to put an interesting spin on classic cocktails. We’ve now gathered up the best of these, along with our favourite sparklers, straight classics as well as some aromatics and bitters.


33rd Baburthday cocktail

Our 33rd anniversary cocktail was inspired by words from the Baburnama, Babur’s autobiography. Babur ruled Afghanistan for 20 years before he conquered India and missed the temperate climate fruits of his long-time home, especially green melons as illustrated by one of his last diary entries: ‘Recently a melon was brought, and as I cut it and ate it I was oddly affected.  I wept the whole time I was eating it.’

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