Drinks to make any meal an occasion

It all started in spring of 2010 with the Currytini and ever since we’ve been marinating, making bitters, barrel-ageing, deconstructing and generally experimenting with fruit, spice and other flavour combinations to put an interesting spin on classic cocktails. We’ve now gathered up the best of these, along with our favourite sparklers, straight classics as well as some aromatics and bitters.


Pink Magic

The word for the colour comes to us from the flower, pinks. In the language of colours it refers to everything from innocence to seduction. It was the colour for boys before it was the colour for girls; it was the colour on the map for the Empire and is still the epithet for the city of Jaipur. And pink ingredients run the gamut from sweet to spicy to salty, as does this roster of cocktails.

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